My Story

I stumbled into my first yoga class as I was in the midst of pursuing a professional dancing career. Growing up dancing was something that made me feel free in my body, I loved it more than anything, and after school I would go directly to dance class to train hard so I could one day be a professional dancer.

I spent hours a day staring at my body in the mirror trying to perfect the perfect ballet pose. Even though I was improving physically, I was doing a lot of beating myself up mentally. Telling myself that I wasn't good enough, skinny enough, beautiful enough, and constantly comparing myself to the dancers better than me.

I started to feel like I was climbing up a mountain that kept getting steeper and steeper and I could no longer even see the top. It seemed like everything was working against me, and daily life soon became a struggle.

My way of calming myself was to eat food. It soothed me. It was comforting. It relieved me of the pain of just being me. But I hated myself more for this behavior, because it made it even harder for me to reach the thin body of a dancer. My eating disorder took the forefront of my life for a good part of my later teens and twenties.

Luckily I found yoga and other holistic practices that helped me to heal. Yoga helped me feel good in my own skin and accept myself. I no longer have to use food as a way to feel safe. I’m no longer beating myself so I have so much more energy to give, to live, to loved ones, and to my passions!

Life is such a gift and should be enjoyed. You are such a gift and if you are in a pattern thats working against you -lets change it!

It can be done. I believe in you. Contact me and we’ll set up a free phone consultation and chat about how we can together take that next step towards a better and more whole you.

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